School Board

West Perry School Board is comprised of 9 members from three different regions in the West Perry School District boundaries. School board members are elected to a four year term. Pa School Boards Association's website has information about becoming a school board member and board member responsibilities. 

Current Board Members

Mr. Danny E. Rice, President   Region III [email protected] 2027
Mrs. Joyce Johnson, Vice President   Region I  [email protected] 2025 
 Mrs. Gabrielle BrandtTreasurer Region I  [email protected]  2027 
Mrs. Krista Wills   Region I  [email protected] 2025 
Mrs. Katherine Stover
Region II  [email protected]   2027
Mrs. Cassie Miller  Region II   [email protected]   2025
Mrs. Robbyn Metz Region II  [email protected]  2027
 Mr. Wesley McKee Region III  [email protected]  2025 
 Mr. James Hamilton Region III  [email protected]   2027


School Board Regions

Region I

Bloomfield Borough, Centre Township, Saville Township

Region II

Carroll Township, Landisburg Borough, Spring Township

Region III

Blain Borough, Jackson Township, Northeast Madison Township, Southwest Madison Township, Toboyne 1st and 2nd Township, Tyrone Township


Committee Appointments

 Each board member also serves as a representative to various committees or other boards. 
Current committee assignments are as follows:

 Capital Area Intermediate Unit Board Representative Mrs. Gabrielle Brandt 
 Cumberland-Perry Area Career and Technical Center Delegate Mr. James Hamilton 
 Harrisburg Area Community College Delegate  Mrs. Cassie Miller 
 PSBA Representative Mrs. Katherine Stover 
 Athletic Committee Mr. Danny E. Rice 
 West Perry Mustang Foundation Mrs. Robbyn Metz 
 Perry County Tax Collection Committee  Mrs. Robbyn Metz 
 Capital Tax Collection Bureau  Mrs. Robbyn Metz