Budget discussions for the upcoming school year typically begin at the October Committee of the Whole meeting and continue for the October, November and December Committee of the Whole meetings. The Board of Directors is tasked with adopting a preliminary budget during the January regular board meeting.

A detailed timeline of the budget process is released to the website each year, which outlines which budget presentations occur during each meeting. 

The 2022-2023 budget discussions will begin in October. For more information, review the 2022-2023 Budget Timeline.

A final budget must be adopted before June 30, which means that the Board of Directors generally votes on the final budget during the regular June board meeting. 

The Preliminary 2022-2023 General Fund Budget of the West Perry School District is available for public inspection. A hard copy is posted in the District Office. 

The Board of Directors approved the 2022-2023 Final Budget at the June 13, 2022 Board meeting.

The Board of Directors approved the 2021-2022 Final Budget at the June 14, 2021 board meeting.