Food Allergies in School

Help Keep Our Students Safe!

We have students in all of our buildings with life threatening food allergies. Our goal is that EVERY student in our district has access to a safe environment to learn.
We invite your help and cooperation to help them stay safe.

Many people think of food allergies as being nuts, eggs or soy.  However, allergies can develop for any food including milk, fruit, fish and wheat. There are students allergic to other common items such as food dye and natural flavorings.  Reactions are caused by skin contact or ingestion and can be life threatening.  There are several practices in place to help prevent allergic reactions:

Students are encouraged to wash their hands after lunch or after eating any classroom snacks.

All rooms are designated as  allergy aware spaces.  There will be no classroom projects with peanut butter or peanut shells.  Please do not send any of these projects into the classroom with your child.

Parents who will send a lunch from home for their child are free to pack the foods of their choice.  If your child brings lunch, we ask that they do not share them with other students and wash their hands prior to returning to the classroom.

There may be a NUT & PEANUT FREE table in the cafeteria.  Only lunches that are free from all nut and peanut products (including items made in a facility that processes nut or peanuts) will be allowed at that table.

All food should be eaten in the cafeteria or classroom with teacher permission.  NO FOOD is to be eaten in the hallways or lockers.

There will be special days and occasions that students may want to bring a snack to share. Please call your child's teacher of building nurse prior to sending any food items to school for use in the classroom.  A great resource for food allergies is for “allergy safe” suggestions.

We appreciate your assistance and consideration to ensuring the safety of all of our students. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school nurse at 789-3012 x6303.