Regular school attendance is integral to ensuring a student's academic success. To support students and parents, West Perry School District has an approved board policy and specific attendance processes.

If your student is absent on a day school is in session and the reason for the absence is not already known, you will receive an automated phone call to alert you of the absence. A written excuse is expected upon the student's return to school. Parents must submit an excuse within three days of the absence, otherwise the absence is automatically considered unexcused. 

Please note that, per board policy, absences will be considered excused for only the following reasons: Illness, quarantine, family emergency, impassable roads, required court attendance or death in the family. 

The accrual of 3 unexcused days will trigger a truancy proceeding, which involves a school attendance improvement conference and the development of a school attendance improvement plan. Additional accrual of unexcused days will result in other action(s) which could be: referral to a school-based or community-based attendance improvement program, referral to county children and youth agency or filing a citation with the magisterial district court.

Also per board policy, all absences beyond 10 cumulative days for the year or 3 consecutive days will require a statement from a licensed physician. If a physician's excuse is not provided, these absence will be considered unexcused. 

For the written parent excuse, West Perry School District will accept an email from the parent/guardian. The email must be sent from the email address on file with the school district. An email must contain the student's name, the date of the absence and the reason for the absence (to be excused the reason for absence must be one of the above reasons). 

The email should be directed as follows:

High School students (9-12): [email protected]
Middle School students (6-8): [email protected]
Blain Elementary students: [email protected]
Carroll Elementary students: [email protected]
New Bloomfield Elementary students: [email protected]