Virtual Learning

West Perry School District offers a full-time virtual learning option for selected students in grades 6-12. Demonstrated success in virtual learning is required for continuation in the program. For grades 6-8, course offerings are limited to core subject areas. 

Middle School students will have a mix of synchronous and asynchronous, depending on course selection and grade. Instructional mode at the High School will vary depending on enrollment, grade, and course selection.  

Parents of students in grades 6-8 should contact the building principal for application information. Parents of High School students should contact the student's assigned school counselor for application information.

Factors that determine a student's acceptance include: attendance, course failure rate, and other success measures. Enrollments are limited.   

Resources for Enrolled Students
[updated Handbook coming soon!!!]
HS/MS Students - video on how to navigate CAOLA courses

For course technical and other assistance for enrolled students, contact:

CAOLA Advisor
Casey Steppe
Phone: 717-732-8400, ext. 8185
Email: [email protected]

HS Students Interested in WPVA

For general information about the program, contact:

West Perry Assistant Principal
Cory Hoffman
717-789-3931 x5406
[email protected]

For scheduling questions and/or to begin the application process, contact:

West Perry High School Counselors

Mandy Zeigler, Department Chair
717-789-3931 x5409
[email protected]

Heather Bell
717-789-3931 x5412
[email protected]

Tracy Commins
717-789-3931 x5411
[email protected]

Full-Time Application
Part-Time Student Contract (Application)
SmarterMeasure Assessment