School Lunch for Students

School Lunch
bag lunch

The WPSD has been informed by the USDA National School Lunch Program that ALL individuals under the age of 18 that reside in the WPSD are now eligible for a free breakfast and lunch every school day.  This program will run through the end of the school year.

Students will receive a FREE breakfast in the morning and a FREE lunch during their scheduled lunch period on the days that they attend school in person.  Bagged lunch will be available for students on the days that they are virtual.  Students will either receive them on a Friday or Monday based off of the days that they will be receiving virtual instruction. Distribution for students that are on an A/B schedule will begin on Friday, September 18th. 

WPVA students and individuals under the age of 18 that are not students in the WPSD may also obtain lunches through this program.  Individuals will have to pre-order meals for the week and will need to stop by the High School to pick them up.  Distribution of lunches for individuals not present in the WPSD will be every Monday from 10AM – 2PM. 

Families, please complete survey on the WPSD Lunch Order Form page to register for this opportunity.  Please register every Thursday by 9AM to obtain meals for the following week. 

Please remember that the WPSD is still asking all families to still complete the Free/Reduced Application whether your student(s) are in school face-to-face or in the virtual program.  The data that comes from this application gauges how much federal funding the school district will receive next school year.  The application can be found on the WPSD Food Services page. 

If you have any questions, please call or email Lori Deselms, General Manager at Metz Culinary Management at 717-789-3934, ext. 6335 or [email protected].