2022 WEst Perry Envirothon ParticipantsOn May 5th, 2022, 32 West Perry FFA members attended the Perry County Envirothon which was hosted at Hall’s Dairy in Millerstown. This yearly event consists of students forming teams and taking multiple knowledge and skills tests in the following five areas: Soils and Land Use, Aquatics, Forestry, Wildlife, and this year’s current topic which was Waste Management. 

West Perry had seven teams participate this year along with numerous teams from Greenwood, Newport, and Susquenita High Schools.  These teams from West Perry were the Ruffed Grouse which consisted of Severo Gordon, Dakoda Bender, Jackson Rudy, Koen Mitchell, and Dalton Yohn. The Eastern Hemlocks consisted of Tristan Baker, Brendan Lightner, Merrissa Hare, Gavin Neff, and Abbie Barrick. The Texas Longhorns consisted of Rylee Fuller, Andrew Reisinger, Julie Loy, Carla Campbell, and Reese fedder. The Brown Seals consisted of Holden Palm, Mason Ross, Kayla Kuzar, and Caleb Zeigler. The Wilting Wildflowers consisted of Caleb Gutshall, Jon DiLissio, Drew Reed, Luke Hartman, and Ryan Long. The Brooke Trout consisted of Noah Zeigler, Ethan Seidel, Dale Pfiel, and Sage Kitner. Finally the White-tailed Deer consisted of Vera Innerst, Sadie Innerst, Emma O’Toole, Ryley Reisinger, and Ty Keller. 

Awards were given to the top three teams in each category.  For Soils and Land Use, the Texas Longhorns placed first.  For Aquatics, the Brooke Trout got third.  In Forestry, the Eastern Hemlocks got first, The Ruffed Grouse got second and the Wilting Wildflowers got third.  In the Waste Management category, the White-Tailed Deer got first, the Eastern Hemlocks got second, the Wilting Wildflowers got third. In the Wildlife Category the Ruffed Grouse got 1st and the Eastern Hemlocks got second.  Overall, the Eastern Hemlocks placed first and moved onto  the Pennsylvania State Envirothon.  The Texas Longhorns placed second, the Ruffed Grouse placed third, the Brooke Trout placed ninth, the Wilting Wildflowers placed twelfth, the Whitetailed Deer placed sixteenth, and the Brown seals placed twenty-first.

On May 25, 2022 the West Perry Eastern Hemlocks team consisting of Tristan Baker, Brendan Lightner, Merrissa Hare, Gavin Neff, and Abbie Barrick traveled to Camp Mt. Luther in Mifflinburg, Pa where they competed in the State Envirothon competition.  There were 67 teams present at the competition (one from each Pennsylvania County) and the Perry County team placed 41st overall, and notably placed 15th in the Soils and Land Use category at the state competition.