Inclement Weather Procedures

Inclement Weather Procedures

During the 2020/2021 school year, the District will utilize late starts, early dismissals, and cancellations due to inclement weather.  The following tools will be used when dealing with inclement weather:

Flexible Instructional Days

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has approved the use of Flexible Instructional Days (FID’s), which will allow students to receive instruction from home, when school is traditionally closed due to inclement weather or emergencies.  The WPSD will begin implementing “Cyber Snow Days” for the 2020/2021 school year.

Students are not required to make up FID Days, as they count towards the total number of instructional days required by the Public School Code.  Students will receive remote instruction on the same day a FID is being used.  Again, these will primarily be utilized when inclement weather causes us to close the campus for the day.

Teachers and students will follow the normal bell schedule or remote schedule on a FID Day.  Students should utilize Google Classroom/Schoology to access their classes.  

Please note that it remains our goal to have students in school as often as circumstances permit.  FID’s may be used at any time throughout the school year, but the total number per school year may not exceed five (5) days.  Flexible Instructional Days are permissible under the following circumstances:

  • Hazardous Weather conditions
  • Disease epidemic
  • Law enforcement emergencies
  •  Inoperability of school busses or equipment necessary to the District’s operation
  •  Damage to a school building
  •  Other temporary circumstances rendering any portion of a school building unfit or unsafe for use

Cyber Snow Days

Once all FID days are exhausted, the District will utilize normal “Cyber Days” as needed.  Students will follow normal procedures in place when home for virtual instruction due to COVID-19.

Delays and Early Dismissals

The WPSD will utilize late starts and early dismissals during this school year if inclement weather arises.  The following times apply to delays:

One Hour Delay

Two Hour Delay

Three Hour Delay

Blain Elementary




Carroll Elementary




New Bloomfield Elementary




West Perry Middle School




West Perry High School




Early dismissals will be announced as needed.


If we need to close our facilities due to inclement weather in the future, we will continue to notify you via phone, email, website, and social media.  These communications will detail what type of “Snow Day” we are using and whether or not that day will need to be made up.

Please remember that the ultimate goal is to provide students as much in-person instruction as possible.  The District will continue looking at every possible way to keep students safe and provide them the best possible education.