Continuity of Education Plan

West Perry COE Plan

The past several weeks have been very difficult for families and communities across our district and nation.  Many individuals are concerned for family members’ health, have experienced loss of employment, or simply feel uncertain and anxious during this difficult time. 

Schools, too, are navigating new and unchartered territory as we must quickly and efficiently shift our educational program from the classroom setting to our students’ homes so that learning may continue in some fashion.  This is not an easy or simple shift, and it requires much understanding, flexibility, coordination, and creativity. 

With that said, I could not be more proud of our entire school community as teachers, students, and families for showing support for each other and for having a positive outlook during this challenging situation.  During these initial weeks of ending the third marking period and engaging in enrichment and remediation activities, our district has come together to continue our mission of teaching and learning. 

Beginning Monday, April 6, the WPSD will begin our remote learning plan.  This Continuity of Education plan can be accessed on the school district website or WPSD CoE Plan.  This plan will offer students a combination of new instruction, enrichment, and remediation.  

The WPSD has created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on the website that focuses on the Continuity of Education plan.  This document will be continually updated throughout the length of the plan.

We are incredibly proud of what our entire staff has done to make the very best out of a difficult situation.  We will continue to do great things at West Perry as we work together to implement our Continuity of Education plan.  Thank you for all the support you have shown during these past few weeks. 

Dave Zula