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500,000 Minute Reading Challenge

500,000 Minutes Reading Challenge

Our goal is for our students to read 500,000 minutes during this school year. 

There are 5 incremental opportunities for students to earn different “schoolwide” celebrations as the student body works towards the 500,000 minutes. 

100,000 minutes = Lyrical Lunch *

200,000 minutes = Extra Recess *

300,000 minutes = Ice Cream Treat at Lunch

400,000 minutes = Reading on the Lawn (beach towels, books, and popsicle treat)

500,000 minutes = Pie in the Face Assembly (top readers will throw pie in the faces of selected staff members)


Sept. minutes: 18,032 minutes

Oct. minutes:  24,956 minutes 

Nov. minutes:  39,931 minutes

Dec. minutes:  32,318 minutes

Jan. minutes: 56,042 minutes

Feb. minutes: 50,674 minutes

March minutes: 55,101 minutes

April minutes: 52,744 minutes

Total Minutes: 330,458 minutes

*Students have earned an ice cream treat at lunch!

Ice Cream treat reward will be held on May 16, 2017!


Great Job Carroll S.T.A.R. Readers~Keep up the good work!