Carroll Elementary

Home of the Mustangs

Name Position Email Phone/Voicemail
Ms. Kristi Wickard Principal 582-4256 x4204
Mrs. Beth Zimmerman Secretary 582-4256 x4200
Mrs. Lisa Liddick Nurse 582-4256 x4205
Mrs. Erin Ream Kindergarten 582-4256 x4118
Mrs. Megan Sheriff Kindergarten 582-4256 x4110
Mrs. Elizabeth Pugh Kindergarten 582-4256 x4109
Mrs. Wendy Mutch First Grade 582-4256 x4124
Mrs. Heather Succa First Grade 582-4256 x4123
Mrs. Laura Bower  First Grade  582-4256 x4119
Miss Tricia Mesaris Second Grade 582-4256 x4130
Mrs. Stephanie Saylor Second Grade 582-4256 x4128
Mrs. Charity Jones Second Grade 582-4256 x4132
Mr. David Morning Third Grade  582-4256 x4131
Mrs. Alissa Thompson Third Grade 582-4256 x4135
Mrs. Jodi Sieg Third Grade 582-4256 x4134
Mr. Michael Maggs Fourth Grade 582-4256 x4018
Miss Lindsay BarrickFourth Gradelbarrick@westperry.org582-4256 x4019
Mrs. Courtney BookFourth Gradecbook@westperry.org582-4256 x4013
Mrs. Catherine Wolfe Fifth Grade 582-4256 x4015
Mr. John Pascoe Fifth Grade 582-4256 x4014
Mrs. Angela Doland Fifth Grade 582-4256 x4016
Mrs. Kelly Sherbo Title I Teacher 582-4256 x4107
Mrs. Tommie Mercado Art 582-4256 x4103
Mrs. Kathy Odato      582-4256 x4103
Mr. Marty Stevens Guidance 582-4256 x4114
Mrs. Jennifer Guise Librarian 582-4256 x4211
Mrs. Danielle BaileyLibrariandbailey@westperry.org582-4256 x4211
Mr. Jeffery Sims  Instrumental 582-4256 x4009
Mr. Duane Wright Music 582-4256 x4101
Mr. Taylor McCarney Physical Education 582-4256 x4100
Miss Aubrey Byler Physical Education 582-4256 x4100
Mrs. Betsy Grigor Psychologist 582-4256 x4201
Mrs. Carol Hall Learning Support 582-4256 x4122
Mrs. Jennifer Weimer Learning Support 582-4256 x4017
Mrs. Erica Weibley Speech 582-4256 x4116
Mrs. Erin Monn Instructional Coach       3-5 emonn@westperry.org582-4256 x4129 
Mrs. Tonya Kepner Instructional Coach PreK-2 582-4256 x4129
Last Modified on February 17, 2017