Grease Recap

Grease Recap
Final BowIt has been 10 years since the West Perry High School performed Grease as its first musical. This year's production of Grease celebrated the anniversary of West Perry's first performance and the many milestones that have been achieved along the way. 

82 students (including 28 seniors) were involved in the 2018 production of Grease. 1,872 tickets were sold for the 4 performances. Without the enthusiasm, dedication and hard work of the students these musicals would not be possible. 

Thanks also to West Perry faculty who dedicate their time and expertise (Mrs. Ewing - Artistic Director, Mr. Guyer - Technical Director and Mr. Grippin - Executive Director). It is their passion and vision that brings these musicals to life at West Perry. 

The support of the West Perry Theatrical Boosters Association, established in 2010, has been instrumental to growing the program over the past 8 years.

Congratulations to everyone involved for a successful performance of ​Grease​.

Act 1 - Singing Alma Mater Parody

Act 1 - Singing Greased Lightnin'

Act 1 - Singing We Go Together

Act 2 - Dance competition

Stage Crew