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Transportation Supervisor - Scott Kelley


West Perry School District contracts with local bus contractors for the transportation of our students.  Our 70+ buses transport students from across the district's 314 square miles. Bus and bus stop assignments are mailed to parents no later than mid-August of each year.  Due to the number of contacts made to the transportation office at the beginning of each year, it may be a few days before a response is made;  however, please be assured that a response will be made as soon as possible. 


Winter Weather

Winter weather can create a real challenge, with administrators making the determination regarding the safety of transporting students on rural roadways or the necessity to delay or cancel school.  When inclement weather arises, district officials begin traveling district roadways between 4:00 AM and 4:30 AM. In addition to this review, contacts are made with the local road crews regarding what actions (treating, plowing) are being conducted. The district maintenance supervisor is consulted regarding the conditions at the school bus unloading and parking areas at each school.  Based on all information received, as well as the latest weather forecast, a decision is made by 5:30 AM  regarding delays and cancellations, at which time local radio and television stations may be contacted to make the appropriate announcement.  Many factors impact the decision, including road conditions across the entire district and  local weather forecasts.  The district considers the safety of all student bus riders, student drivers and student walkers,  and asks for your patience as we make decisions based on winter weather.

Updating Student Data


We ask that parents provide timely updates when emergency contact information changes.   It is vital that the district has accurate information on file in the event an emergency occurs.


If you have a request for a bus stop change, please complete the Address/Bus Stop Change Request form.


We look forward to meeting the transportation needs of all of the students of the West Perry School District.




Last Modified on March 5, 2017