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Messiah Takedown Tournament Link (9/17/2016) http://www.pywrestling.com/messiah-college-takedown-sept-17.html
To all in our Wrestling Family,
It is with sadness in my heart that I must report that I turned in my letter of resignation and the position of Head Wrestling Coach has been opened up to find a suitable replacement.  Coaching wrestling at West Perry was a dream of mine since I was in high school.  I have had the pleasure of working with our athletes at a variety of levels.  I am not stepping down due to a loss of passion for what we do, but instead in respect for our student athletes.  The time requirements of my day job and family commitments become more each year.  Over the past couple months I have seen this time commitment increase to the point that it would be unfair of me to remain as the Head Coach and not be able to put forth the time and effort that our outstanding athletes deserve.  It makes the decision a little easier knowing the high quality of coaches that we have around us within our program and community.  I have no doubt that whomever is selected to take over will continue to help these young men grow and reach greatness.  I hope to remain involved in our wrestling community and will work to make the transition smooth for all involved.

Shelly Wertz 
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West Perry Wrestling Mission Statement
Our goal is simple: to develop a lifestyle through the sport of wrestling that will make us physically and mentally stronger members of our community. First and foremost we want our wrestlers to take responsibility for their actions whether that be on or off the mat. This includes coming to practice every day, on time, prepared and with a positive attitude. Each wrestler has a responsibility to notify the coach prior to missing a practice and must have a valid reason. Our wrestlers are also responsible to show up physically fit and ready to participate. This requires physical fitness throughout the off-season and living up to the commitment to making their weight class.             
         Sometimes it will take sacrifices to live up to these commitments. However, we make these sacrifices for the good of the team. We will work together as a team and therefore win or lose as a team. If a decision is made as to who will or will not wrestle it will be made in the best interest of the team.  Most importantly we have a responsibility to work hard because our sport demands it. There will be purpose to our work and reasons for all that we are asked to do. Every member of the team will be expected to give their best at practice and during matches. For some of our wrestlers this hard work and sacrifice will be toward the lofty goals of medals at sectionals, districts and even states. For others it will be toward the challenge of surviving the season and being a part of something larger than one-self. Regardless of the end goal of the individual, our journey will be paved with pride and passion. One does not have to dedicate their lives to wrestling to find the opportunity for success, but instead make a commitment to a certain life style. As Coach Gable stated “Once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easy.”
 With respects to the nature of my day job, I do not post my phone number online, however I will gladly give it to any in our wrestling community if you email me.                                                                                                 Coach Wertz at swertz@caiu.org
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