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Soon school will be over for the year and our communities and living rooms will once again be filled with children all day. If left entirely to their own devices, many children would simply spend their time this summer watching daytime TV or movies or playing video games. What can parents do this summer to make their children's summer vacation a more productive and positive experience?

1. Read  - It can be very hard to start school again in the fall when children have just vegetated all summer. Take a positive approach to a summer reading and you can keep your children’s minds active all summer.  Our local libraries are an excellent resource for books, reading programs and ideas for summer activities.

Bloomfield Public Library                            

2. Day Camps - During the summer, there are lots of organizations that offer summer day camps. These may be one day, or every day for a week or two, or a few days during the summer.

3. Recreation Time - Your local community offers inexpensive summer recreation programs. Consider swimming lessons or a sport.  Also, summer may be an excellent time to start piano or guitar lessons.

4. Daylong field trips - Some of the most memorable childhood experiences can be taking a family field trip to museums, historical sites, aquariums, state parks and the like. You can learn a lot in visiting a planetarium, children's museum, zoo or other resource. It can be great fun and a great learning experience at the same time.

5. Volunteer - Volunteering is a great summer activity. There are many opportunities for adults and children to volunteer together in our own community.

6. Educational Vacations - While it is fun to camp and fish, or to head to a famous amusement park, another fun alternative is to take a trip that involves learning.

Summer vacation is an opportunity for a break from the regimented world of the school year, but it doesn't have to be a time for just relaxing. By balancing the need for a little down time with a focus on a productive summer, families can make the most of this great time of year.


Last Modified on March 20, 2008