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West Perry School District Athletic Schedules are posted on our Big Teams site. On this website, click the Calendar to view all events for a particular date. Alternatively, select the specific sport (under the season) to view the entire schedule. 

Perry County Tournament Schedule

Friday, December 8th

6:00 West Perry (Home) vs Susquenita (Away)
7:30 Newport (Away) vs Greenwood (Home)

Saturday, December 9th

6:00 Consolation Game
7:30 Championship Game

Northeastern  Basketball Tournament Schedule:

12/27 -- JV -- 3pm -- West Perry (Away) vs Columbia (Home)

              JV -- 4:30pm -- Elizabethtown vs Northeastern

              Varsity -- 6pm -- West Perry (Away) vs Columbia (Home)

              Varsity -- 7:30pm Elizabethtown vs Northeastern

12/28 -- JV -- 3pm -- Consolation

              JV -- 4:30pm -- Final

              Varsity -- 6pm -- Consolation

               Varsity -- 7:30pm -- Final


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